The members of First Presbyterian Church of South Lyon welcome you! As you explore our website, we hope that you find the information that you are looking for.

Nestled in beautiful, downtown South Lyon, our building is more than just an historic landmark. We are a vibrant and diverse congregation whose mission is to serve Jesus Christ. When our worship concludes Sunday mornings, our service in the world begins.

As our mission statement proclaims: We are called to Joyfully Exalt our Savior by Using our talents to Serve God and others daily.



Why Children Belong in Worship

John Westerhoff, a leading Christian Educator, believes children are necessary in worship.  He says faith is “caught” not “taught,” and what better way for children to know what faith is all about than to be a full part of a faith community.

When a child is baptized and is welcomed into our church family, the congregation promises to actively nurture that child’s faith.  Together we nurture our children and are nurtured by them.  Children give adults the gifts of trust and new viewpoints.  Adults share wisdom, experience, and acceptance.

If you feel that your child is not ready for the sanctuary, we invite you to our nursery room for children aged birth through three.  While your child is in worship, encourage him or her to participate as much as possible, as it is through our participation that we all grow.




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